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A premium domain name is invaluable in the hands of a discerning entrepreneur.

It means the difference between;
1) Making a Memorable Brand Impact.
2) Getting Funded. Private and IPO
3) Growing Your Market Exposure.

Each domain name is unique and its value proposition and trade positioning is also unique. While e-commerce based domains are usually preferred as single, memorable, and brands. Business domains have to be relevant, descriptive and possibly generic in nature, so as to benefit from "Type In" traffic and as well been able to be found among the millions of other domains on the World Wide Web. 

"If you wrote a book and no one read it. Does it exist"? - Its the same with domain names, companies with the right concept, but with the wrong name will often find themselves fighting for traffic and spending huge sums of capital on advertisements and branding.

As a broker of premium domains, we work with companies across the globe for their desired branding and naming strategy, whilst we have domains listed for lease or sale, some premium domains owners prefer cash plus equity in the joint venture, especially if the domain name is developed and traffic ranked. In such an instance, we provide match-making services.

For Domains which are parked and pointed to, they are available for lease and sale. Once negotiations on sales prices are confirmed by both buyers and sellers. Buyers who seek domain financing can opt to lease to own the domain.

Lease to own contracts incorporate an "Option to Purchase" agreement and alternatively domain buyers can simply amortize the value of the domain and lease to own the domain.  The first step to begin is to make an offer on any of listed domain.

All offer's made will be forwarded to the attention of the seller and once prices are finalized, domain financing options are provided.

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How to BidLease?

1. Make an offer on listed domains.
2. Negotiate, Finalize pricing.
3. Lease or Lease to own.  
4. Sales transaction via

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